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ICS Real Stories: Lauren | Online AAT Level 2 and 3 Review



Lauren Pacheco reviews her journey to completing our Foundation Level 2 AAT course online. She had such a good experience that she's now moved on to Advanced Level 3!


My experience with ICS Learn so far has been fantastic. The support and guidance I have received has been valuable and beneficial.

The recourses online with different types of questions every chapter has built my confidence when consolidating my understanding when preparing for exams.

Although they are not formatted like the AAT website questions, I think having different types of questions asked from different angles have really taught me loads when revising for my past exams.

I am now on Level 3 after starting and finishing level 2 with ICS Learn. My tutors that I have had since having enrolled to ICS Learn have been very helpful.

They answer my questions with depth and with their own resources e.g. making a grid to help me remember certain things such as the capital and goodwill account.

The questions I ask can be broad and not to the point, however my tutor – Shelley always answers me to her best and from specific aspects to give me the answers I need.

I have also asked for more questions to build up my understanding and I have been provided with them in good time.

The tutors I have had, have always come back to me in a good amount of time and not weeks later therefore I can rely on them to get a response quick!

 I am a worrier and always nervous when it comes to the exams, but the tutors always tell me the step by step things to do on the day to make sure I am prepared for the exam I am about to take.

The process of enrolment for ICS Learn is very easy – I was set up in no time and the customer services team were very helpful if I needed assistance into logging into webinars or live chats.

The great thing about ICS Learn is that the website is easy to use and that you go on forums with other students to discuss similar problems or fears about exam sitting.

It enabled me to join the family gin distilling business – and working with gin all day can’t be bad!


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