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ICS Real Stories: Judith | Online ILM Leadership & Management Level 3 Review



Judith Martin reviews how studying our ILM Level 3 course helped her get established in her new role after receiving a promotion. 


I chose to study the ILM Level 3 course as there was a promotion coming up at work and I thought that the knowledge gained from the course would help me in the interview, presentation and getting started as team leader, if I got the job. 

I chose ICS Learn because I had previously studied with them in the 1990s. 

In 1997, after being told at work that I needed to up my game in computer literacy, I studied Microsoft Office skills with ICS Learn and became a Microsoft Office Master. 

That was a good experience, so later, when I wanted to study French for a trip to France, I returned to ICS Learn and did a conversational French course, yes online conversational French!! It can be done! 

I enjoyed my trip to France and felt confident in ordering food, talking to people, and finding my way around. 

When I wanted to do ILM Level 3, I was delighted to find that ICS Learn were offering this, because of the quality of tutoring I had received previously. 

Approval was given for assignment ideas quickly, so that I could get on with assignments and make quick progress. 

I got the promotion and found the learning from the Level 3 course helped me to get established in the role. 

I was thrilled when I found that ICS Learn were offering Level 5, as I had been wanting to do it and wasn’t too sure where to apply to. 

I have got the learning bug again and want to know more.

I would recommend ICS Learn as it is really competitive on price, the course advisers are friendly, knowledgeable and supportive.

The tutors are really well-versed in their subject and online teaching techniques.

Everyone is friendly and you always feel that everyone you speak to is right behind you, interested in your success and cheering you on.


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