CIPD Level 7 Awards

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Master a high-level HR topic 100% online from home with a globally recognised CIPD Level 7 Advanced Award qualification.

CIPD Level 7 Awards consist of one module from the full CIPD Level 7 Advanced Diploma taken as a standalone qualification. They’re ideal if you’d like to study a specific area of HR, such as reward management, at a postgraduate level suitable for senior HR professionals.


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Why study a CIPD Level 7 Advanced Award?

CIPD Advanced Awards are ideal if you’d like to specialise in one area of HR or L&D, such as:

  • Reward management
  • Resourcing and talent management
  • Organisation design and development (OD&D)
  • Leadership and management development

Using critical analysis, self-reflection and problem-solving techniques, our Advanced CIPD Award courses focus on how to develop and implement creative and strategic HR solutions that drive organisational change.

They’ll give you the high-level theoretical knowledge and practical understanding you need to become the go-to source of expertise in your organisation.

If you later choose to complete the full CIPD Level 7 Advanced Diploma or the slightly shorter Level 7 Advanced Certificate, your Award will count as having completed one module of the course.

Which other CIPD courses can I study?

If you’d like to gain comprehensive strategic HR skills rather than focusing on a single aspect of HR, the CIPD Level 7 Advanced Diploma and Advanced Certificate allow you to select a range of Award topics to study.

If you’d like to study a specific HR topic but at a lower level, our Level 5 Intermediate Awards or Level 3 Foundation Awards are ideal for you. Level 5 is suitable for mid-level HR professionals, while Level 3 is designed for total beginners.

We offer the full range of CIPD Diplomas and Certificates at Levels 3, 5 and 7, so whatever your career goals are, we're here to help you achieve them.


CIPD Advanced Award Student Reviews

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Usman Riaz Qazi

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Xue Bai

"I am now on my seventh course with ICS Learn. To anyone thinking of studying HR, enrol with the best - you'll never regret it."

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Warren Fellows

CIPD Level 7 Advanced Awards FAQs

Level 7 qualifications are the most advanced qualifications offered by CIPD, so they're highly respected by employers worldwide.

If you need in-depth knowledge of a specific HR topic to advance your career, then a CIPD Level 7 Award is perfect for you.

If you’d like to gain the wide range of high-level generalist and specialist skills you’ll need to excel in senior HR roles, we recommend studying the full CIPD Level 7 Advanced Diploma or Certificate. They'll allow you to study any of the topics offered as Awards, plus much more.

Bear in mind that an Award won't give you eligibility for CIPD Associate Membership, while a Diploma or Certificate (at any level) will. The Level 7 Diploma will also allow you to apply for prestigious CIPD Chartered Membership, demonstrating the highest level of professional credibility and achievement.

Once you graduate, you'll be awarded a CIPD Level 7 Advanced Award in Human Resources.

This is the title that will be listed on your CIPD certificate; the topic you studied will be specified on your attached transcript.

A CIPD Diploma is the longest and most comprehensive qualification at each CIPD level.

A CIPD Certificate is slightly shorter and covers selected modules from the Diploma.

A CIPD Award covers one module from the Diploma as a standalone qualification.

CIPD Diplomas and Certificates qualify you for CIPD Associate Membership, while Awards don’t.

Yes, if you complete a CIPD Level 7 Award and later go on to study a Level 7 Certificate or Diploma, your Award will count as having completed one module of the course.

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* 96% pass rate based on 18,872 assignments submitted and 18,125 passed between 1/9/17 and 31/8/18.

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